Welcome to Woman With Spirits, a blog dedicated to my three passions; travel, writing and liquor.

I have been lucky enough to visit many amazing destinations where I have sampled delicious food and sipped some of the finest drinks in the world. I am even luckier that people want me to write about it.

The more I travelled, ate and drank, the more I realised that I was falling in love with spirit-based drinks – whiskey and bourbon in particular – and becoming increasingly fascinated with its varieties, folklore and history.

After sampling rock star mixologist Frankie Solarik’s mind-blowing aromatic creations at BarChef in Toronto, my entire view of hard liquor changed. It wasn’t just a brown or clear liquid to slug back at the end of a long day (although sometimes that’s fine too), it was a multi-sensory art-form.

The cocktail that set me off on this journey was called the ‘Mad Man’. Based on the classic Bourbon Manhattan it was made with Backwoods infused bourbon, sweet vermouth, cacao, maple (we were in Canada after all), black pepper, cherry and antique leather (yes, you read that correctly).


BarChef, the ‘Mad Man’. Photo credit: BarChef

Since then Bourbon has become a favourite tipple of mine. But not every mixologist has to be Mr Solarik, and not every cocktail needs aromatic smoke. Sometimes, simple can be spectacular. And less most definitely can be more.

Woman With Spirits is the place where my travel-writing meets my thirst for life and exceptional liquor. It is dedicated to the noble pursuit of gathering new experiences.

So let’s raise a glass to a badly packed suitcase paired with a perfect sip of something wicked and a beautiful location.

Sounds like it could be fun, right?



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